Benefits of a SCORM Certified Learning Management System

SCORMInstitutions adopt learning management systems (LMSs) for various reasons. While LMSs are intended to serve many purposes, there is an underlying need for these systems to meet certain standards. This is why SCORM exists. The acronym stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model.

SCORM is a set of standards that eLearning technologies must meet if they want to be profitable. These specifications outline how LMSs need to establish internal pathways of communication between a user’s personal computer and the system’s platform.

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When considering how a SCORM certified LMS will benefit you, focus on unique needs that have to do with social learning and internal organization. What is necessary to fulfill these needs and exceed industry norms?

  • Do you need to deliver and manage content online?
  • Do you need to recycle, reuse, and adapt existing content?
  • Do you need a system to track performance?
  • Do you need to collect data from vendors, clients, and employees?

In answering yes to any of these questions, a SCORM certified LMS may be the solution to these learning needs, as well as unforeseeable technology changes in the future. This is because the benefits of SCORM include standards for eLearning technology, highly customizable features, and system durability.

SCORM is the Standard-

As the standard for eLearning software, SCORM certified LMSs integrate third-party content quickly and easily. Systems meeting these standards upload diverse types of files with ease, make online material simple to share, and host people using different devices. In other words, these standards make it possible for you to offer exceptional service to valuable employees, clients, customers, vendors, and more.

SCORM Embraces Customization

SCORM standards establish a foundation on which customizable eLearning systems can be built. Such software is equipped to accelerate the learning process by offering tools to optimize content. This benefits LMS users who can easily adapt information, content, and courses to suit specific learning needs.

SCORM is a Durable Option-

SCORM was established by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. Despite how quickly technology evolves, SCORM has an excellent foundation. For the foreseeable future, SCORM will set the standards for all eLearning software.

Companies and associations rise above industry norms when adopting SCORM certified LMSs. These types of LMSs make internal operations and external communication possible and effective.

TOPYX® is a SCORM 2004 certified social learning management system. As a result, TOPYX offers quick integration of third-party resources, customizable learning, knowledge management, and a technological system that ensures longevity. Request a free demo of TOPYX and explore what this high quality, compatible learning management system can do for you.

A learning management system makes sure your employees, system of operation, and data are taken care of and adding to the value of your business. SCORM standards safeguard your eLearning materials and software investment.

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