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Being a business person first, HR person second, and other nonsense

Screen Shot 2012-11-03 at 14.32.33.png  You see it all the time these days – that proud assertion from leading HR professionals that they’re business people who just happen to work in HR.  Or linked to this, the need for HR professionals to  develop business savvy and work in the business and speak the language of business, etc, etc – e.g. this video from Mike Moran on Friday. 

To me, it’s all a result of the same thing – a lack of clear thinking and a desire for an easy life.  I’ve made the point on this blog many times – we can get so far by being more like the rest of the business, but real value comes from being different, not be being even more of the same.

I was recently interviewed by HRZone on this topic and you can see the resulting article here (free registration required, and worthwhile).



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