Beer’s History with the Rise of Civilization

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It’s hard pinpointing the true century when this drink was officially invented. In fact, no one knows at all! Archeologists have found evidence that beer may have been used as far back as the Mesopotamian era.

What’s interesting though is that some historians believe that beer is one of the few things that helped humans build civilization. Does that mean we’d still be living in caves if it weren’t for our ancestors figuring out how to make that smooth alcoholic beverage? One thing’s for sure though and it’s that people love beer!

Beer was perhaps originally made primarily with barley because of its availability. Some believe that the different types of beer may have been born accidentally over the years by sugars in grains spontaneously fermenting.

Beer existed for domestic and cultural purposes over the centuries, but once the industrial revolution ignited so did the mass production of beers, and today there many different types of beer.

Not a connoisseur yet? Love some good pale ale or perhaps a stout? There are many types of beer, ingredients that go in them, and fermenting or brewing processes. A great way to try many kinds of beer without breaking the bank, and really growing to appreciate the craft, would be to attend breweries across the country or in your own state, maybe even joining the Beer of the Month Club. Either way, get out there and try it!

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