Be the star player of your team

I am a soccer fan; I have played for years in the lower divisions until a shoulder injury forced my goalkeeper gloves to be put in the darkest places of the closet. I never became good at this game, but I still had fun and joy playing against the worst soccer players in the Norwegian soccer league. How is your team doing? Today I want to compare soccer and business life to show why you should be the star player always.

The Team – What division are you playing in?
First of all imagine your department as a soccer team. How is it doing in the leagues, are you the premiership or an amateur team? What team do you wish to play for? Are you fighting for the championship or against relegation? Are there star players on your team? Are you acting as a team? Or is everybody just hatching their own balls like it where eggs?

Your team probably has a manager, a coach and a bunch of players. Your field might be top notch or you might be playing on gravel. There might be rules from the league (Board), rules from the team owner (CEO) or other regulations in your game. Some are good, and some you hate. Your manager or your coach might be amateurs. Still you have to be the star player, and I am about to tell you why.

Your dream job!
What does your dream job look like? Is it making more money? Is it at another company? Is it doing something different? Is it playing left field, striker or defense? Whatever your dream job is, unless you have it right now, you are dead wrong! Your dream job is not out there! Your dream job is inside your own head. And you need to create your dream job right now, right here.

Do not be a grump at work, if you are unhappy and if you do a poor job right now, you will never ever find your dream job elsewhere, because doing a poor job now will not get you anywhere. Imagine Manchester United or Barcelona, what kind of players do they buy? YEAH! They buy other star players and great talents. They do not buy the unhappy chubby guy in the lower divisions that won’t run if you poke him with a stick. Star players are recruited for the best teams. This is why you need to be a star player where you are right now! No matter your current working conditions or even if it rains on top of it. If you manage to shine at work, you will be noticed, you will get good recommendations when the scouts shows up. And if you can build your dream job out of manure you will always have your dream job.

The team needs you
Know your role and be a role model. Veteran workers are often the unmotivated workers, while they shall be the once that carry the burden of making your team great. You should strive to create fun around you, make other people happy and make your team mates good. You should always do your best. At the end of the day you must feel good about what you have managed during the day. Do not try to hide or get away with less when you can do more. Run that extra mile. “But my pay is bad, they do not pay me enough…” I do not care is my response, because you will never reach the salary of Manchester United players if you are about to be benched at your own game.

Are you a leader at work today?
As a leader you need to act as a soccer coach in the field as well. If you see a good coach, live at a great team’s practice, you will notice that the good coach interferes as soon as a fault appears. He blows his whistle and stops the game. Why the h… did you not pass the ball now? Why did you not cross it into the box? Next time run fifteen feet further and bend it like a banana into the box. This is what you will notice at the practice field. If the player refuses to do so, they are sent into the shower, but if they do what they are told, they will succeed. But the coach must be in the trenches and deal with trouble instantly. If you can correct a faulty behavior at work at once you will also succeed as a coach of the team. Why did you leave out important information in the reports, they are essential for the project, do it over. Do not get in a situation where you come one or two weeks later and pointing out how the project failed because of this report was inadequate. Teach them now as it happens.

Good luck winning the league! – Remember it starts right now, inside you.

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