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Erika Andersen

My DadHe was a gentle disruptor. His medium of disruption was curiosity. Watching him do it taught me so much. 

 “We’d be traveling and in a restaurant he’d engage with the waitress — ‘Wow, your husband’s a farmer? What’s that like? Is that tough?’ He was genuinely interested in everyone. 

“And then he’d do it to me too. I was thinking about becoming a musician. ‘What would that be like?’ he’d ask. ‘What would it be like to be a musician? So if you went down that path, how would that work?’ 

“That element of curiosity has served me so well because that’s the core of my disruptive thinking. That inborn curiosity…by the time we become most of us become adults, we’re socialized out of curiosity. Yet, the most interesting people I know are extremely curious. 

“Continuously trying to elevate my own curiosity allows me to ask questions that other people don’t ask. And therefore go down pathways that other people don’t go down.”
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Let’s Disrupt This!
The future belongs to the extremely curious! 

Of 25 great habits we found when interviewing disruptive heroes, that (Question Everything) was number one! 

If you want to either deal with disruptions or create them, being insatiably curious is the only way to go! First rule of the day: Never ever sit passively, patiently in meetings again. Ask the questions no one else is asking.

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