Be curious when recruiting.

When recruiting, it’s necessary to get familiar with all aspects of the job description as well as the company you are recruiting for. This can turn the process into a learning opportunity and ultimately help you reach the goal of finding the right candidates.

Learn about the company’s successes, their goals for the future, the culture, etc. If something comes up in the description that is unfamiliar, take it as a challenge to do some research on your own and create a more interesting experience for yourself.

By Rebecca Penchina | People Science Talent Advisor – Sourcing Specialist


From our inception in 1997, companies have relied on People Science to “break the code” of their toughest and most complicated recruiting efforts. Acknowledging the importance of taking a fresh approach when in a War for Talent, we challenge ourselves to create processes, methodology and “out of the box” recruiting ideas to bring resolution to our clients’ critical staffing goals. As a result we have completed many RPO projects in our tenure and consider ourselves pioneers in the field of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). People Science provides End to End, Augmentation and Project RPO Services.

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