Barry Burnett Drives Brainpower at BDR and MITA

Leaders everywhere are calling for small businesses to step up  productivity and help save the nation from financial failure.  Barry Burnett is making it happen for scores of industries!

In fact,  the MITA International Brain Center is undergoing a refreshing new face-lift,  thanks to this nation’s finest leader of leaders.

Barry Burnett and Ellen Weber

Barry Burnett is quick to admit that he drives change for profit, but I see it more as inspiring brilliant growth opportunities in winning directions!

Fifteen or so years ago, I met Barry, an award winning CEO at BDR, and I’ve been inspired by his ability to harness and project visions for profit growth,  since.

Check out what others say about Barry’s inspired strategies, and you’ll see why he is creating dynamic profit opportunities in businesses across the country and beyond!

After the honor of spending a day here at the MITA International Brain Center, together with Barry Burnett and Matt MacArthur, director of information systems, we  set a dynamic new path toward growth for MITA. Inspired by linchpin suggestions from Barry’s vast pools of wisdom, we’ll open major new directions at the center, starting this week.

Barry Burnett, Robyn McMaster, Matt MacArthur

Stay tuned for more details as MITA beats winds of the upper air of recession to take back  growth opportunities, inspired by Barry’s brainpower.

Meanwhile, here are five brain based reasons why Barry is hailed industry-wide as one of the nation’s most successful profit builders and dynamic motivators.

  1. Barry begins with a mission to help others succeed, by enhancing profitability in every area of organizational operations.  During our day together, Barry facilitated brainpowered discussions toward what we do well at MITA.  Every suggestion made showed he heard the heart beats here, to foster surefire ways to build on our health, and stretch our strengths.
  2. Barry models change at the peaks, just as he advises others to do.  Highly successful in growth and profitability areas, one may think Barry passes along that wisdom to others. Not so! He listened, he learned, he taught  and he changed his own process at BDR – all while we interacted.  No wonder Barry’s stories and examples, and proven tactics work! He models these at every step of his leadership.
  3. Barry builds on past mistakes, so they become stepping stones to wealth.  Stories popped up again and again, to show us how Barry builds wealth by tweaking what could work better. We call it reflection here at MITA, the kind of “where to from here ? that opens new segues into profitability.
  4. Barry envisions long term sustainable, profit. Greed, or other self-seeking distractions may destroy genuine growth in many leaders, but Barry describes reoccurring revenue beyond those barriers.  He sees people as top capital, and showcases the same.  Recently, for instance,  Barry tipped a waiter $50.00 for following him to the car to return a credit card left behind. That generosity shines through brilliant suggestions Barry offers, in ways that show humane secrets behind visionary dreams for himself and others.
  5. Barry rallies diverse talents and enjoys learning from others’ capabilities. With a strong sense of his own highly respected strengths, Barry , admits weaker areas that he’d rather hire talent than develop it. What a huge direction for leaders to take so that others find room in their presence to play with ideas from their own areas of strength.  You’ll often hear Barry restate key insights that others offer, ask questions to help people elaborate, and value opposing views that might rock stability in other leadership circles, where good tone is less present.

Yesterday, was far more than a genesis of changed directions for Robyn, me or MITA. It was a day of shared friendship, and mind-bending wisdom from a friend we deeply admire and respect.

BDR is lucky to have Barry Burnett at their helm, leaders are rich who have his process to profit, and we’re finer yet to have his friendship.

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