Back to work

I took a vacation.  A couple actually. I was on vacation long enough that I actually was relaxed and didn’t worry about work.  I thought about it, checked in a few times but didn’t WORRY about it.

It was heaven.  And I took a few pictures.  That was heaven too.

But now I am back to work.  Re-engaging takes some doing.  Here’s where I start.

I boot up my machine and promptly forget all my passwords. At least I can return phone calls.  But really who answers there phone with email, chat and facebook?  I can connect with people faster on facebook than anywhere else.

Seriously, re-engagement starts before I leave.  It starts with my calendar.  I block off the first 4 hours of the day I return to catch up.  When I get situated, I look at the long trail of email, the list of people who need help and I look at due dates.  I spend 15 minutes each hour knocking out little things, then the rest of the hour on a couple big items.  Like immigration. Four hours is about right for me to catch up. I feel accomplished enough to sigh and let my shoulders relax.  And the afternoon is open to converstion and connections.

What also helps me leave on vacation is my ’10 or less’ rule.  I have 10 or less email in my work and personal email at all times.  My inbox is, in a sense, my immediate to-do list;  it provides me tremendous satisfaction when I can file, delete or delegate an email.

While I miss the sun, surf, sand and eagles, it is good to be back.

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