B2B eLearning Solutions Combine Affordable Product & Service

eLearning SolutionTelecommunication makes the globe feel smaller and propels the business world to grow. Cloud-based technologies equip companies with the tools they need to reach new heights of success. B2B product and service providers offer systematic software solutions that ensure businesses continue to thrive. However, these products are not “cheap and easy.” To keep profits high and costs low, it is critical for eLearning software providers to supply eLearning platforms that unify training, connect teams and provide central, easy-to-access communication centers.

Unfortunately, as companies seek healthy profits, acquiring B2B products and services can decrease and destabilize their bottom lines. For instance, many software providers that supply remotely hosted cloud-based eLearning platforms, like learning management systems, charge per user fees. This means that companies with more than a million or even a couple dozen employees face steep costs when trying to connect their workforces using the online learning environments.

The unpredictable cost structure of some B2B eLearning solutions make companies think twice before considering LMS options. However, companies that are convinced of LMS capabilities do not lose hope. They seek high quality, low cost web-based LMS options. Few B2B services offer these affordable solutions, but those that do provide access to web-based tools which enable businesses to remain competitive.

For some the choice is easy. Here are some of the benefits business reap by making the move to leverage eLearning solutions:

Adapt to change: 72 percent of companies viewed learning technologies – the most widely used being eLearning courses – as a way to help employees adapt to changing business conditions.

Time is valuable: eLearning saves time by up to 25 to 60 percent when compared to classroom training, according to studies by Brandon Hall.

Money is valuable too: Companies can save anywhere from 50 to 70 percent when classroom training is replaced with eLearning.

Increase the learning retention rate: An employee’s rate of retention can be enhanced by 25 to 60 percent with eLearning courses. In fact, IBM employees learned almost five times more information in the same amount of training time with eLearning. And to go along with saved money – this training was just one-third the cost of what classroom training would’ve been.

Decrease the employee turnover rate: 23 percent of employees leave a company due to a lack of opportunities and training for career development.

A B2B eLearning solution that offers exceptional services without charging per user fees is TOPYX®, an award winning social LMS. The remotely hosted cloud-based software excels in offering training services, individual social profiles and online communication services like web conferences. The numerous benefits exceed the tools it offers. The B2B nature of this software emphasizes service as much as product.

The LMS is hosted remotely and is delivered as a SaaS, or Software as a Service, eLearning solution. Instead of setting up a hardware system onsite and trusting the company will hire full-time IT intelligence, TOPYX houses the hardware that hosts its software, meaning the TOPYX team maintains all programs, supplies updates and offers technical support.

Receiving full service for a flat fee affordable subscription rate allows businesses to acquire an LMS and use it to accomplish business goals. Understand why companies are turning to TOPYX to put training, communication and management operations on the cloud: request a free demo.

B2B solutions exist to serve companies. All too often these services come at high costs. When looking for comprehensive business solutions, it is important to find a company that combines an affordable product with excellent service.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]


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