Avoid These 7 Costly Payroll Mistakes

payroll mistakesHere’s a quick quiz:

  • How do you correctly classify your workers?
  • Do you verify all new employees?
  • Which labor laws apply to your business?

Costly Mistakes
How did you do on the quiz? If you don’t have the correct answers, you may be headed for trouble.

With the complexity of federal, state, and local payroll and labor laws, it’s all too easy for small business owners to make mistakes. Classification errors, missed deadlines, and other slip-ups can be costly in terms of time, money, and legal hassles.

Payroll mistakes can be potentially devastating for small business owners.

Timely Answers
“We know how tough it can be for small business owners in America,” said Mike Kappel, president of Patriot Software.

So we’ve focused on 7 Common Payroll Mistakes in a series of seven articles. With this information from Patriot Software, you can learn to avoid those costly payroll mistakes. Click on the titles in the index above to find the easy-to-read articles.

 Overview: You Can Avoid These 7 Payroll Tax Mistakes
 Mistake #1: Classifying Workers Improperly
 Mistake #2: Failure to Verify and Report New Employees
 Mistake #3: Not Following Labor Laws
 Mistake #4: Not Applying for Payroll Tax Accounts
 Mistake #5: Paying the Wrong Tax Rates
 Mistake #6: Missing Payroll Tax Deadlines
 Mistake #7: Using an Inefficient Payroll Process


We provide fast, simple, and affordable accounting and payroll software. After a rough start-up experience, we know first hand what small businesses need in order to breakthrough and achieve success. So we created a software service to help you keep the two things you don’t have enough of… time and money.

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