Automating the HRM Process: Are we Losing the Human Touch?

Online HR Software is becoming more and more prevalent thanks to its increased accessibility, ease-of-use, and high degree of integration. The ‘human’ HR representative, who traditionally carried out HR processes like training & development and performance appraisals, is increasingly being replaced by a software.

While the benefits of migrating to an HR software are numerous and the costs affordable, a very important question remains:

Are we losing the human touch, and if so, how much will it adversely affect an organization and its employees, if at all?

The online hr management software available today acts more as an enabler and a support system than as the be-all and end-all of Human Resource Management. The software enables employees to perform many of the tasks that were being handled by the HR department, thereby reducing gaps and delays in communication. Employees today can conduct performance appraisals, submit leave applications, request the HR to hire/re-hire/terminate personnel, and submit work reports from just about anywhere.

One cannot deny the importance of human touch. However, it is essential to note that online HR software does not seek to replace it; rather, it seeks to accentuate the HR-employee interaction experience.

Employees using HR software today know that it is easier and faster to communicate with the HR through a system, instead of the old days when one had to set up an appointment to meet the HR, and in the case of his/her absence, leave a note on the HR manager’s desk. Because of the self-serving nature of the system, there is also an increased transparency and accountability, especially in the case of performance appraisals, where companies are increasingly employing a 360-degree assessment system.

HR software has come a long way from its initial days. It comes with more features and can handle more functions and judging by the trends, it is here to stay. Anyone can make the case that technology is replacing the human element and lamenting about the fact must be note that it is only for the better.

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