August Leadership Development Challenge Results Are In!


The results are in from this month’s Leadership Development Challenge votes. Dan McCarthy and Scott Eblin were in a dead heat for top vote-getters. However, it was a very close race with Art Petty, Sharlyn Lauby, Jennifer Miller, and our gracious guest, Gwyn Teatro close behind.

We’ll continue to appreciate your comments and ideas on the post and encourage you to provide them.

I want to thank the regulars and our guest Gwyn for their thoughtful and creative responses to a pretty common coaching challenge.

When someone is “given” a coach for developing skills they lack (unlike high potentials who choose their goals, or executives who – on their own – request a coach), it can sometimes be difficult for a coach to help them to find the spark that will light their fire to work on themselves. When the client’s manager isn’t engaging in assisting with the process, it can really weigh the process down.

Despite the fact that I’ve been an executive coach for several years, I have much to learn. So I also appreciated the comments from those of you who visited and offered your wisdom. It’s put a whole new set of tools in my coaching toolkit for such situations that I may run into again. Thank you all.

Next month’s host is Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender. Be sure to watch for it!


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