The author of a popular book on modern developments in physics is a true believer in the validity of quantum mechanics. This remains a highly speculative theory, however. On the one hand, it is strongly supported by powerful evidence from mathematics. In fact, it is worth remembering that many researchers into the theory and its spinoffs do little more in an entire career than mathematical model-building and manipulation. But on the other, the further one ventures into the peculiar corners one is driven to by this highly theoretical logic, the less evidence from actual observation can be found.

In fact, some quantum physicists even argue that the ongoing problems encountered by the Large Hadron Collider – which has been expected to produce evidence of particles predicted by the theory – vital to its validity, but not yet directly observed – are themselves evidence of the theory. They suggest that echoes of the future are rippling back in to the present to prevent the collider from creating events that would destroy the future.

At least we continue to produce more and more evidence of how weird quantum physics is – and quantum physicists, as well.

For example, the author of the mentioned book supports his faith in the logical force of this theory by making a very interesting declaration about one of them in particular. This is the idea that there are connections between objects in the universe that cause them to behave in exact symmetry with each other – to, in effect, be each other.

And, yes, this relates to management. We’ll look at how and why on Monday. Tomorrow, a review of an excellent book. See you then!

Today’s tip: Speaking of the societal mountain being us, there is plenty of evidence in actual experience indicating that we are fully capable of making a festering molehill out of it. Please see this WSJ piece about one man’s efforts to reverse the decline of the magnificently American city of Detroit, many neighborhoods of which have descended into truly post-apocalyptic chaos. It’s too bad we have to produce such evidence to take the right action. Perhaps we would do better to give our support to the efforts of those in the field struggling to reclaim the situation, rather than uncritically to those isolated in their theoretical models, who tell us they know better, that we should just have faith, but who wind up working studiously to create it.

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