At The Cosmopolitan, What is the Right Amount of Wrong?

I know personalized, friendly and hassle free experiences are the type that create loyalty.

When you are rude to your guests and you hassle your guests, you create the opposite of loyalty.

However, let’s go back to the question in the headline.

The Cosmo’s motto is “Just The Right Amount of Wrong.”

Apparently, at The Cosmopolitan screaming and cheering at your television during an NFL Wild Card game in the privacy of your own suite is too much wrong.

What was a wonderful weekend turned into the most horrific hospitality experience I have ever encountered both personally and professionally.

I have many people on Twitter and many people who read my regular blog asking me questions about how this could happen at such a nice place and as an invited guest!

For those who have called and/or emailed me, I want to let you know that I followed up this afternoon with the Director of Security’s office and spoke with Pam. She was the first person to ever utter the words, “I’m sorry you had this experience.”

However, since not one human being from The Cosmopolitan has ever acknowledged or spoken to my wife, she has asked me to tweet, publish and seek answers on the following questions.

So Cosmopolitan, what IS the right amount of wrong?

Obviously watching a playoff game, drinking a glass of wine and getting excited in the privacy of your own suite may require The Cosmopolitan security team to storm your room, enter without permission and go through your personal belongings including my wife’s underwear. That is SO wrong.

She wants to know why when they asked for our identification did they have to jam the door and storm in the room while she was retrieving what they asked for.

She also wants to know why they told her two different reasons for being at our suite; one gentleman said noise complaints and the other said property damage.

More importantly, why does assessing either of those situations require going through her underwear and cosmetics?

So, Cosmopolitan, you are wrong, but tell us, what is the right amount of wrong?

If you want to stop being wrong, I respectfully ask that you a) acknowledge b) communicate c) apologize and d) answer my wife’s questions as to why you did what you did.


One last thought – If someone had given my wife and I an authentic, sincere apology when we took the time to file the formal complaint at 5:00 in the morning or even listened to us or acknowledged us we probably wouldn’t have exerted as much energy to share this horrific experience.

A word of caution for anybody who wants to keep their customers loyal.

An apology, listening and respect go a long way.

P.S. When I spoke with Pam, she was actually the first person to listen without interrupting and most importantly, apologized twice. It is interesting that I had to talk to Pam in the Director of Security’s office before anybody from The Cosmopolitan said sorry. To this moment, no one has even spoken, acknowledge, apologized or answered my wife’s very logical and serious questions.

P.P.S Based on The Cosmopolitan’s actions I assume they only want males to visit their property. The lack of respect, acknowledgment and empathy shown towards my wife should caution every other female who wants to visit The Cosmopolitan.

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