Assorted Zingers Book Launch #1


Assorted Zingers: Poems and Cartoons to Take a Bite Out of Work

25% Off During The Five Week Online Launch of the  Book

Each sale of this book for $15 will result in a $30 donation to African Famine Relief.

7 reasons to buy the book today:

    1. You will take a bite out of work without gaining any weight.
    2. With 25% off you save $5.00 to buy a happy meal or a premium coffee.
    3. You will enlighten your work with poetry.
    4. You will lighten your work with cartoons.
    5. It is a great way to “fall” back to work in September.
    6. It can be read in an hour or two and then passed on like a good box of chocolates.
    7. Your $15 purchase will result in a $30 donation to alleviate famine in Africa.

Turn your $15 purchase into $30 of African famine felief. It only seemed natural to pair the launch of this new book by David Zinger and John Junson with famine relief for Africa. Our book was subtitled, taking a bite out of work, and we need to “take a bite out of famine.”  The Canadian government will match donations up until September 16. 100% of all copies sold will be donated to famine relief which means that your $15 purchase of the book will result in a donation of $30 to famine relief.

Take a bite out of work with 54 poems and 54 cartoons. If you like reading David Zinger’s work on engagement, you’ll love his newest book. In addition, the book is co-authored with John Junson as they creatively weave together 54 poems and 54 cartoons into one volume. For the next 5 Tuesdays we will profile one poem and one cartoon. If you want to be one of the first to get the book we are offering it at 25% off the price.

Denise Bissonnette, an expert on career and work writing about the book declared:

Through colorful caricatures and the spare lines of poetic conciseness, we are drawn in to ponder what is real and what is ridiculous, what is hilarious and what is holy, what is simply absurd and what should be absurdly simple. Within these pages you will experience a breath of fresh air, ample belly laughs, several wake-up calls, and even a few slaps upside the head. Poetry and humor are reputed as menaces to conformity, and they do not break with tradition here. All in all, they are invitations to shake off our cynicism, to embrace our humanity, and to inspire a bias towards action rather than apathy.

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  • Canada – $15 plus $5 shipping, handling, and taxes = $20
  • United States – $15 plus $7 shipping and handling = $22
  • International – $15 plus $10 shipping and handing = $25
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