Associations Build eLearning Communities

Association elearningA learning management system (LMS) promotes member interaction within associations.

In a previous post, Interactyx shares about how an LMS offers online learning advantages and financial solutions to these types of organizations.

An additional benefit of establishing an eLearning community within the formal structure of an association is the ability to offer quality content through online and mobile learning options.

Many associations face the problem of having little to no online interaction between members. Some organizations resort to social networks that only offer surface communication tools. Up to this point, social media lacks the infrastructure to support valuable online engagement.

The opposite of this is a social learning management system which establishes a virtual resource center that can organize an association’s learning material and encourage member involvement and personal growth through computer and mobile devices.

3 Reasons eLearning Communities Advance Associations

1)      Association members look to connect with like-minds and further develop talent. With access to the Internet, individuals often pursue interests online before exploring tangible opportunities. An LMS allows an association to provide curriculum, tools, and training to fulfill their membership needs for quality information and learning material.

2)      Make available current material and archive organization communications. A lot of content can collect in the life of an association. For this material to be useful it must remain organized and accessible.  An LMS provides the perfect platform for this and encourages member interaction by simplifying navigation.

Additional ways to support the interests and inquiries of your members:

  • Convert speeches or discussions into power-point material
  • Include video, text, and discussion board conversations
  • Promote past conference recordings
  • Turn organization communications into digital events

3)      Adopt LMS tools that make your association mobile.  Applications for mobile devices mean members can access an association’s LMS no matter where they are. With the growing popularity of business app platforms, it is no surprise that there is a rising demand for virtual connections within associations. One of the greatest online learning advantages is having information available through mobile mediums. A learning management system can host the required features which makes this implementation easy and cost effective.

If looking to bridge the physical and virtual realities of your association’s members, using an LMS is the best option. The list of online learning advantages continues, and Interactyx records the many benefits of learning management systems for associations and nonprofits here and includes testimonials.

The goal when implementing an LMS is to meet the needs of your members and remain organized. If this is a current task for your organization, request a free demo of the award winning social learning management system TOPYX®.

Bring your members together to focus on your core mission while keeping costs down. See what a learning management system can do for your organization.

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