Ask Mario Batali: You Asked, Mario Answers

Last week, we asked you to submit your questions about the Media Production Coordinator position. Now Mario Batali provides further insight into this opportunity of a lifetime. We want to thank everyone who submitted their questions. Good luck to all applicants!

Q: Why do you think this is the ideal job for someone trying to break into the food industry?
You’ll get to meet and hang out with interesting people. Working with me, you will see the restaurant industry from a unique perspective. At the end of the day, the job is what one makes of it…but you have doors opened to you and that’s huge!

Q: Is experience required?
Experience is always a great thing to have when you’re looking for a job. But it is entry level so if you can prove you can handle it, you’re already way ahead.

Q: Do you consider lifetime experience in culinary as valuable as a degree?
Absolutely! Experience is very valuable when you’re a job seeker!

Q: What have been the defining characteristics of your most successful hires?
They work hard and are hungry and ambitious for more.

Q: The job posting mentions this is a temporary position. How long will it last and would relocation help be considered?
It’s a full-time position with growth potential, but sadly no relocation funds are offered.

Q: I’m currently learning Italian but don’t live in New York City. My wife and I honeymooned in NYC (eating at Babbo and Lupe) and have a deep love for the city. Is there anyway you could reconsider your stance of NYC-only folks?
I’m happy to consider anyone who is qualified but knowing New York City inside-and-out is important for this role. If you do, that’s great!

Q: Would you be like Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”? Perhaps you will be inspiration for my book in 5 years: “Devil Wears Orange Crocs…and likes Prosciutto!”
[Laughs] That’s good. I like to think of myself as a little more fun to be around and she definitely wouldn’t rock Crocs like I do!

Q: What was the most complicated shoot you’ve been on and why?
That would probably be my shoot for my iPhone app. It was cranked out in a short period of time and logistics had to be very sharp and we left very little room for mistakes.

Q: Any upcoming media projects? A new show? (Hopefully!) Interested in beefing up the YouTube channel?
YouTube is definitely part of our new media strategy as the Web is the center of the whole focus.

Q: When should one expect to hear anything back?
First callbacks and interviews are the week of June 27th. and Mario Batali have teamed up to find the celebrated chef’s Media Production Coordinator. If you believe your ingredients match Mario’s world class recipe then APPLY TODAY and post your resume on See the latest video about this unique job position:

About Mario Batali: Mario Batali is the critically acclaimed chef, restaurateur, award-winning author, and television personality, and arguably one of the most recognized and respected chefs working in America today.

Among his many accolades, Mario was named “Man of the Year” in the chef category by GQ Magazine. He’s won the James Beard Foundation’s “Best Chef: New York City” award. In addition, The James Beard Foundation awarded Mario “Outstanding Chef of the Year”. Mario is also a recipient of the prestigious D’Artagnan Cervena “Who’s Who of Food & Beverage in America”, a prestigious lifetime achievement award.

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