Are You Ready to Put Up or Shut Up, Trish McFarlane?

This ‘Put Up Shut Up’ post is by Trish McFarlane, HR professional extraordinaire. As you can see from the comment she left on the 1st post she strives to go above and beyond when it comes to goals. I wonder when she sleeps?

With the new job and HRevolution 2 planning, I’m a bit overextended! I will say that I’m working actively on 3 of my 4 original goals for 2010 which were:

  1. I am going to dedicate time every single week to learning about Human Resource Technology. I have been reading and researching HR technology in my free time each week. I loved the suggestion by Naomi Bloom of getting a textbook to help with the learning process. She mentioned it on the HR Happy Hour show where she was the guest.
  2. I will further my profession by holding HRevolution 2 and expanding the reach, scope, and outcomes from the event. This has been my big commitment so far in 2010. Pulling together a conference (or un-conference) even with a team of people is a big task. I can attest to Ben Eubanks and Jason Seiden already being eyeball deep in this rushing river with me. Crystal Peterson is jumping in to help as are many other people. It’s going well and we are just working through some location logistics before unveiling it to the world.
  3. I will work as a SHRM member to make the Human Resource community better. I re-activated my SHRM membership and joined SHRM Connect but honestly, I have not found time to figure out how to make the tool work for me. I also reached out to the two SHRM affiliates here local to St. Louis. One is no longer in existence I guess because they never returned my call or e-mail. The other is about an hour away from me so I haven’t had time to make it to their meetings. This will need to take a back burner until 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2010.
  4. I will talk to at least 3 of my Human Resource network people from Twitter each week. This will enable more collaboration and teamwork. I have to be exceeding this goal. I speak with 5- 10 twitter friends each week. Yay!

I also came up with a new goal!

With my friends Shauna Moerke and Lisa Rosendahl we are starting the “Women of HR” website and it will be great. It is in the building phase and we are in the process of reaching out to strong and diverse females in HR to join the collaborative blog site.

Hope you’re all doing well with your goals. If there’s anything I can do to assist, just ask!

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