Are You Ready to Put Up or Shut Up, Tracy Tran?

Before you read this post by Tracy Tran, please listen to his audio ‘Put Up Shut Up’ response he made back in December:

Put Up Shut Up-Tracy Tran

Anyway, here were the three goals and my progress:

  1. Helping out HR/Recruiting Job Seekers – This will always be continuing until the end of time, but what I’m seeing is some people, who I helped on their job search, have gotten jobs, but there are new people who are looking for openings. This goes to show recruiting and job hunting are cyclical.
  2. Going to different sectors to learn more about each industry – I live in the DC area and there are many different sectors. Although my expertise was in nonprofits and associations, I still network to other fields. Luckily, #connecthr came by and met different HR/Recruiting Pros in different sectors. I want to learn more about each industry just to help out job seekers to find their direction. I have a bunch of people who apply for the job, but aren’t the right fit. Getting knowledge of other sectors has help move traffic.
  3. Being the social media asshole – I am and still am. Although I tweet a lot on goofy stories, Caps, Kornheiser, and crap, I want to have a conversation. I want people to know that I’m a human and I have many interests, but if there is any help on recruiting, HR, or any other issues, I’m always available. It’s about community and connection and I feel strongly about it.

Overall, not a bad start, although the Blizzard and working beyond the call of duty have been speed bumps, but no one can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain it…just after when all the snow melts.

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