Are You Ready to Put Up or Shut Up, Paul Smith?

This is a special ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ post from Paul Smith, the man behind the blog, Welcome to the Occupation. Paul contacted me shortly after the 1st few PUSU posts and asked if he could contribute, despite not participating back in December. I thought about it for a few moments and then I figured, “why not?” PUSU is a call to action, and clearly Paul was inspired to do just that. If he wants to be a part of a great group of HR professionals who are working to improve themselves and the profession, then how could I refuse?

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, Paul Smith!

When Victorio put out the call in December to either Put Up or Shut Up, I did not heed it. I balked at the idea of making resolutions and at that time, did not leave my comments on his post.

Still…I wonder if subliminally, Victorio’s call seeped its way into my skull. For on January 20, 2010, I wrote about three resolutions I decided to make for the forthcoming year. As a devoted follower of the Creative Chaos Consultant blog, I noticed other followers were now, in February, posting updates to their resolutions; letting us know if they were putting up or shutting up.

From reading these articles, I thought three things:

  1. I wonder if I had any resolutions.

  2. Oh, that’s right I do.

  3. And dude, you just made them less than a month ago and you forgot already.


So here they are in all their glory and where I am today:

I want to be a better listener: I’m better at work and at home. When anyone speaks to me, I’m very cognizant of trying to not multi-task at the same time. I stop tapping on the keyboard or reading something on the computer screen. It’s not that I wasn’t listening before. Now I’m more conscious of making sure the other person knows I’m listening.

I want to share more: Even though I am not sharing all of my thoughts and feelings about certain people, companies and governmental bodies, I am less afraid to tell you about me. I’m still being practical. That won’t change. I’m also committed to the quality of the information I’m sharing. I realize my blog articles more than likely won’t be perfect. But at least they don’t completely suck.

I want to stop whining: Yeah, I completely forgot about Charlie Judy’s article on HRFishbowl, ‘Have some Humility-Shut Up for Haiti! And the whining? Yeah, that didn’t stop either. The other day was not a good day. It even involved some ranting and fuming. Lame. What was it about, you wonder? I don’t really remember. Again, lame. I don’t do it everyday. On days that I do whine, I don’t do it all day. Still, I’m not the model non-whiner I’m striving to be.

So I thank Providence for allowing Victorio to send out another wake-up call: to either put up or shut up. I swear this time I will put up.

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