Are you Ready to Put Up or Shut Up, Erick Taft?

In my opinion Erick Taft, of all the PUSU participants, is the quietest. Yes, he’s on Twitter and other social media platforms but the volume of his output isn’t the same as some of the others who have posted here. Don’t mistake that for laziness; as you’ll see from his PUSU post, Erick’s keeping busy and effectively using his unique “voice” to be a HR Rock Star. It just goes to show that there’s no 1 good way to put up or shut up.

Take it away Erick!

Ok, while I’m not much of a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I must admit Victorio’s challenge back in December caught my attention:

Tell the world what 3 things you’re going to do to be a HR Rock Star in 2010.

My first thought? I know exactly what I want to do in 2010. Here are my three things and progress so far:

  1. Start a blog: While I have outlined some posts such as “Trust as a Tether” and “Work-Life Waves,” I’ve run into a little bit of trouble here. I just can’t settle on a name. I’ve kicked around a few ideas such as “Upstream HR” and the not-so-catchy and unsticky “Erick’s Blog.” I am open to suggestions for names, and (free) hosting too (Posterous? WordPress?).
  2. Get more involved with my local SHRM chapter: I’ve joined the local SHRM chapter, NOARK, and have plans to join a committee – mostly likely one where I can be involved with social media and branding. For 2011, I plan on being part of the chapter’s board of directors. This is also my fourth year on the board (Past President) for the local chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). And, I am in the process of filling out an application to be a volunteer National Adviser to Chapters for ASTD. Oh, yeah, plus I’m on a committee at the school my daughters attend…
  3. Raise the awareness of the usefulness of social media in HR: The most important thing here is to guide and help people dip their toes, instead of pushing them into a raging whitewater river. Help them by starting small while thinking big. By sharing interesting tweets, blog posts, HR Happy Hour and lrnchat discussions off-line, I’ve raised some awareness. I’ve also personally invited people to join me in using social media as tool for growing relationships and professional knowledge. Last year I presented my “Three Rules of Thumb for Using Social Media” with a short Twitter demonstration to the local ASTD chapter. I hope to present it again to a larger audience at the chapter’s spring conference as well as to the local SHRM chapter and the staffing and recruiting professionals association.

Like some of the others who responded to the challenge, I too, have a added a new goal: learn more about Marketing and Finance.

We all know it’s important to “know the business” – fortunately the business is always changing which makes it important to stay out in front, to remain current and to continue to learn, apply, fail, learn more, grow, and succeed. Isn’t that what HR rock stars do?

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