Are You Ready to Put Up or Shut Up, Crystal Peterson?

Now it’s time for Crystal Peterson to share her ‘Put Up Shut Up’ progress. If you know about HREvolution, then you know Crystal, as she helped (along with other amazing HR pros) put together one of the best HR (un)conferences of 2009. No small feat for a 1-person HR department, right?

Back in early December, Victorio asked HR folks to Put Up or Shut Up . But he didn’t just leave it at that. Oh no, now he’s actually following up with us to see what, if anything, we’ve accomplished towards those goals. Geez, the nerve of some people. Trying to hold us all accountable and stuff. (Just kidding, Victorio ;-))

Seriously, I think what Victorio is doing is fantastic. I’m glad he asked the question last year and I’m glad he’s following up with us. I told him that this is the year of relationships for me. As a one-person HR department, it’s can sometimes feel like you’re out on some island, all by yourself, so it’s important for me to stay connected with other HR pros. It’s nice to be able to bounce ideas around, collaborate on projects, hear about cool Rock star ideas and sometimes just talk with someone who understands your pain.

So my focus this year will be on building relationships/networks with my local HR community and with the HR Twitter community.

Locally, I have already gotten more involved with our local SHRM chapter (LSHRM). Really involved. I recently accepted a board position with the chapter so I am now the Director of Communication and Technology. I know, me, right?! While I still feel like I’m new to the social media/digital space (compared to a lot of the Twitter folks I’m connected to), I am doing more than most folks in my chapter. A good portion of the members are on Linkedin, only a few are on Twitter, I don’t believe anyone is blogging and no one is using social media to recruit. So I’m excited about the opportunity to not only connect more with the local HR community, but I’m also excited about the opportunity for me to learn and do more in the social media/digital space as well as open the doors for others in the chapter to do the same.

In Twitterville, my goal is to try to chat, at least once a week, with one or more folks I’m connected with. This includes my HR buddies, but it also includes my connections with folks in the advertising/marketing space. I still have some work to do on this goal. While I have connected with a few folks, I could do better. With HRevolution2 in the works, I know that I’ll be spending more time with Trish, Ben and Jason and I’m really excited about that. I also plan to try to connect, soon, with several of the folks I met at the first HRevolution, as well as a few additional folks I hope to meet at HRevolution2.

So that’s what I’m up to. Thanks, Victorio, for putting the challenge out the there and for holding us accountable!

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