Are You Ready to Put Up or Shut Up, Ben Eubanks?

This guest post is authored by Ben Eubanks. Ben is an HR professional from Huntsville, AL. He lives much of his life online. Don’t believe it? Catch him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or via email. His blog, UpstartHR, is about many things, including human resources, leadership, and zombies.

When I saw the original Put Up or Shut Up post here on the CCC blog, I was surprised that I was able to immediately identify three areas where I really wanted to kick it in 2010. One thing I can say about Victorio is that he can get you thinking. His writing can help you stop spinning your wheels and really dig in to make some progress in your goals.

Here was the original request:

Tell the world what 3 things you’re going to do to be a HR Rock Star in 2010.

Who can ignore a challenge like that? So I dropped in a comment to create a little accountability for myself:

  1. Develop more collaborative projects via UpstartHR.

  2. Work with my local SHRM chapter to be the BEST at what we do.

  3. Help HR pros everywhere get through their certification process and have awesome careers.

Here are the (pretty darn positive) results so far:

  1. I’m starting the free HR Ninja e-course within the next week or two. Each lesson is by a different person in the online HR space. The basic foundation for the course was developed from the “Do Amazing Things” e-book. I’m also interviewing two people this week for a leadership project that’s coming in a few months. Plus, I’ve been given the opportunity to help 3-4 bloggers with their questions and issues as a precursor to yet another project that’s on the back burner. Getting the chance to work with so many great people is amazing. I’m collaborating my butt off. 🙂

  2. Despite their best efforts to remain normal, I’m doing everything I possibly can to make some changes in my local SHRM chapter. This is my first year to participate heavily in a leadership role, and I want to make it count. If my proposal to help make the chapter membership more valuable for members doesn’t get enough support to get off the ground, I’ll be seeking out another chapter to work with. I love working outside of SHRM in my own daily life, but I know it’s a great way to reach the average HR pro and pull them into the social media world, and that’s why I’m so involved with my local chapter.

  3. I’ve had a handful of people pass the exam so far this year after using the HR certification guide I created, and I am looking into the idea of an online study group to reach even more people. In a moment of insanity I started up a free email newsletter on HR certification tips, and it has reached about 70 subscribers in the past month.

In other words, I’ve taken Victorio’s challenge to heart and I’m doing everything I can to make myself better this year. While some people celebrate mediocrity and don’t feel the need to pursue goals fiercely, that’s clearly not a problem over here. If I can catch Victorio at an event this year, you’d better believe that I’ll be thanking him for the push.

What about you? Are you going to put up or shut up this year?

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