Are You Milking Your Own Cows?

We work a lot with global companies who are focused on enhancing their employee and customer experiences.

One of the common challenges that we see organizations struggling with is that they often focus their efforts, meaning time, energy and resources, towards acquiring new customers / clients / guests and not enough time growing the relationships and enhancing the experiences of the customers that they already have.

This would be analogous to a farmer having six cows in his own barn, but instead, jumps in his pick up, drives five miles down the road, goes to the Jones farm, tries to get in that barn and milk their cows.

Let’s face it. It’s much harder and usually much less profitable to try and milk someone else’s cows.

More importantly, everyone has heard the saying so many times that we probably don’t even listen to it that it costs $1 to keep the customer you have and $5 to go acquire a new one.

Do you also know that you can save 15% by investing 15 minutes?

Seriously though, when organizations focus on making their experience better and creating an environment where their customers have to expend less energy in order to get their expectations exceeded it always leads to growth.

Are you creating differentiated experiences and removing obstacles for your existing customers?

Or, are you more focused on trying to milk someone else’s cows?

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