Are You Meeting Expectations?

If your company is conducting regular performance reviews, chances are you’ve already had your annual review. It’s already past March and you’re reading this from your work computer. You weren’t fired. Congratulations!

If you’re like most knowledge workers, the minimum threshold you have to have to maintain your job status is meeting your company’s expectations. Your performance and productivity over a period of time must meet certain standards.

Most of the work we do as knowledge workers are measurable by certain parameters. Your company is expecting you to deliver.

You’re expected to produce some measurable output everyday within that 8-hour window. Some have to work beyond that on daily basis to produce the expected outcome.

You’re not allowed in principle to under deliver. But you’re always welcome to over deliver and exceed expectations.

Majority of us are just meeting expectations. Our companies are just as happy and content as we are with that.

We are the average.

Some of us are transcending the average. They are the role models, the real champions. Excellent, model employees. We ought to be just like them.

Are you just meeting expectations? You’re just average.

Leaders and role models always exceeds expectations. The same people make the company happier. They have the attention. They will have more opportunities of advancement inside the company.

For us, the average? We will be lucky to still have the same job when the next economic calamity strikes.

Don’t be an average worker.


Photo Courtesy of Digital Owl via flickr

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