Are You Breaking Walter’s Rule With Your Social Media Marketing?


Walters rule

Are you guilty of breaking Walter’s Rule, when sharing your content on social media? I think we have all been guilty of it sometimes – especially if we have not done our homework correctly and shared irrelevant content with the wrong audience.

Walter’s Rule: Don’t share the same boring crap with me that everyone else does.

I came up with Walter’s Rule to illustrate a point I was making on a webinar for Entelo this afternoon. I was discussing recruitment content marketing, and how it is important to make sure that any content you are going to share ( either your own or curated content) meets three essential criteria:

  1. It is RELEVANT to the audience you are sharing it with
  2. It is INTERESTING to the individuals
  3. It is APPEALING will make you want to read it/open it

This of course takes some work, because you first need to understand where your target audience is (click on the link for an in depth explanation of how you do this).

Too many people share the ‘easy content’ like Mashable, LinkedIn, Buzzfeed etc The problem is that the content isn’t bad, it really isn’t. My problem with it is that every other person is sharing the same content. By the time you have posted it, 100’s if not 1000’s of people have already seen it and they won’t be interested in reading (or re-sharing or retweeting) what you have posted.
This is what I refer to as the ‘same boring crap’.

The answer is to spend time finding great blogs, websites, news, videos, presentations that other people can’t be bothered to find or simply don’t know how. This is the great content that will make you stand out as a trusted source of unique and interesting content specific to your sector/industry, AND IT WILL BE relevant, interesting and appealing!

The point of Walter’s Rule is a simple one.

Walter White is the main character from the series Breaking Bad. A complex character, he can be completely vindictive and particularly nasty if you upset him.
Just don’t upset him.

So before you post any content from now on anywhere on social media, ask yourself the simple question…… ‘would Walter get upset with me because this is boring crap I am sharing?’

If the answer is ‘yes’ don’t post it.

Find something more relevant, interesting and appealing. Or alternatively, just don’t share it in the first place!

If you are interested I will be posting the webinar recording on this blog at some stage next week, so make sure to click on the orange icon below subcribe to it, so you don’t miss it.

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