Are you a good employer?

Do you want your organization to become an employer of choice?
How do you reach there?

I came across a senior manager in an a growing organization saying this – “Our company will be the best employer to work for in India”. Nice thought. But how do we go there?

First -What do organizations need to do to become good employers [Best employer in the country is long way from there.]

A research done by the firm Corporate Executive Board has come up with 20 attributes to measure the effectiveness of  a company’s HR function. CEB claims to have drawn up this 20 attribute  scorecard from their experience in working with hundreds of companies around the globe and across industries.

“Use the simple scorecard in this automated tool to self-assess your department’s current performance against these attributes. The scorecard will help you identify areas where you and your team need to focus resources and time on to maximize the impact HR has on your organization.”

Please click on the scorecard image above to see in full view.
For each of these 20 attributes, the Corporate Executive Board has identified a wide range of practical approaches, best practices, implementation tools, and templates that can quickly help you close the gaps you identify.

The interactive version can be accessed at the below link

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