Are We Still Looking t the World from a Myopic Point of View?

I was in a discussion recently with an individual who I believe is
destined to become a real leader within what ever organization they
finally connect with. But they expressed the view that HR only meant
hiring and staffing.

This point hit home the point Dave Ulrich made in his book, HR Transformation.
As HR professionals we can continue to take this myopic view of the
world and profess that this is what we do. In our two day workshop where
we teach fellow HR professionals how to implement the six sigma
methodology the improving the HR space, we suggest that as HR
professionals,following this view is tantamount to accepting mediocrity
and the eventual dissolution of what we do as a career.

It is time
that we as the knowledge base of the assets that our human capital
bring to the organization, we need to be involved in every step of the
development of the organizational strategic planning. We are the ones
that have a clear picture of the resources the organization needs to
grow into this crazy global workplace we are so valiantly trying to fit

We have definitely not gotten the message across when both
managers and the general public have the deep seated view that HR is to
be avoided at all costs.The unfortunate part is that we have brought it
on ourselves. For some reason we can’t seem to get on the right playing
page. We tend to be the fireman of the organization rather than the
champions for reaching the most efficient and effective organizations
possible. We make the outside world wonder where we are coming from. we
push the organization to be more in tune with the technological world,
then we have candidates apply on line, call them in for an interview and
ask them to fill out a hard copy of what they filled out on line.

We have a choice and it clearly is an
important one for the organization. Is HR part of the total
organization and delivering real value to the operation? or Is HR this
silo unto its own, that is the bane to everyone’s existence out of touch with the world around them?

today’s global workplace we are more than hiring and staffing. We are
the conduit for a wide assortment of data and metrics regarding the
nature of our workforce both internal and external. We have the unique
position of having our fingers on the pulse of the talent marketplace and their needs. Each of these factors will in the long run determine how successful our organizations are.

Which view do you have- a myopic one or a global one?


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