Are ethnic minorities still disadvantaged?

Whilst launching a review of government policy on race, John Denham the Communities Secretary, said that being Asian or Black doesn’t mean that you will automatically be disadvantaged.  He went on to say that ‘there has been real progress over the last ten years’ and that ‘disadvantage is now more likely to be linked to poverty, class and identity’.

However he did recognise that racism is still in existence in our society by stating that it ‘does not mean that we should reduce our efforts to tackle racism and promote race equality but we must avoid a one-dimensional debate that assumes all minority ethnic people are disadvantaged.’

Lord Ouseley, former chairman of the Racial Equality Commission acknowledged that the situation on race discrimination has improved, however he added: “Clearly there are still huge racial disadvantages in our society” and “there is quite a considerable amount of hidden discrimination that still takes place in our society”.

But is Labour right to turn its attention away from race discrimination, or is this just an election year ploy to counter the support for the BNP?  Discuss….




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