Are eLearning Platforms the Best Way to Engage New Hires?

eLearning PlatformsEngaging new hires is central to achieving success in business. After all, without new hires there can be no long-term employees.

This is why a company’s engagement strategy often aims to have new hires acquainted with team members, protocols, and procedures in a quick and thorough manner. As a result, acquiring, initiating, and training talent is a vital process for any company. It is also a big job.

While HR and other departments are responsible for engaging new hires, this important task is often in addition to already full workloads. To lessen the burden, and heighten the success of new hire engagement, companies are using online solutions, like social learning management systems (LMSs).

Why is Social Learning so Popular?

With the rising popularity of connection networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, companies are attracted to online training solutions that can introduce new hires to company procedures, corporate communications, and colleagues. This independent learning approach allows new hires to get acquainted with a different work environment in a familiar way.

What are some Benefits of Social Learning in the Workplace?

By using a social LMS, an employer meets the needs of Generation Y workers who like to collaborate with team members and learning materials online. TOPYX®, a social learning management system, is known to connect large groups of people for a flat rate subscription fee, which is especially important for companies that require corporate training sessions and certification programs.

How to Incorporate Social Learning?

HR is engaging new hires best with learning management systems like TOPYX. With easy-to-use admin tools, customization features, and single sign-on (SSO) access, incorporating this LMS into an existing communication network is a breeze. For companies looking to introduce an online training center for the first time, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) LMS has support options available to make setup simple.

Successful companies are institutions that make continual training a high priority. However, the workforce is changing. With a surplus of available information and the popularity of independent learning, an LMS is the best way to ensure all new hires feel confident in their roles.

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Engaged employees bring about success in business by sharing knowledge and abilities. With social learning tools, these individuals can advance a company without exhaustive effort from HR or other departments. This makes is possible, and more likely, that new hires will become effective, invaluable, long-term employees.

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