Are Bloggers Really Writers?

I write to express myself but I blog to inform and educate. Does that make sense? Most of us toy around the idea of being called a writer just because we have been able to write couple hundred blog posts but is that a right title?

My curiosity is related to the fact that I think bloggers never write and writers never blog. Blogging is more connected to attracting and engaging readership whereas writing has more to do with the art form and literary element. My definition of a blogger is someone whose battleground is the world wide web and a writer is one who has print media at his at disposal.

We can all name bloggers who have written books but we might have a hard time if asked to talk about writers who have become bloggers and now write about topics that would otherwise be published in a book or some other form.

Writing is a way up for most bloggers because even in today’s digital age, the feeling of having something published in tangible form can be quite a thrill. So once again, we come to the same question, are bloggers really writers?

My personal take on it is of course not, bloggers are just bloggers. Some bloggers are good writers but they are still bloggers. There is one major difference between a blogger and a writer and that is medium.

Bloggers are more technically sound then most writers. Writers tend to perfect the content but bloggers on the other hand make sure they have content at regular intervals at the expense of quality (occasionally). That happens because of the medium. A writer takes days, months and maybe years to come up with one book but someone like me will write a blog during the 30 minute lunchtime (not in this case) and be satisfied.

Even though there are video and photo bloggers, the original blogging style is the one that still dominates. Writing.

Here is the defining moment my friend, are you a blogger or a writer?

Blogger for life…

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