Archimedes Principle of Marketing Management

Archimedes Principle of Marketing Management:

Any individual who is responsible for the marketing campaign MUST have sufficient time-span management to handle the complexity of the campaign.

– The success (rise in fluid) will only move as high as the ability to handle complexity (weight) of the individual managing the campaign.

Archimedes Principle of Marketing Management:

  • Any Marketing strategy will move to a level which coincides with the level of applied capability of the of the person running the campaign.

Within all project goals for organizations whether it is marketing, client acquisition, increased profits the person who is in charge and accountable for the success / failure of the project MUST have the intelligence and capacity to achieve the goal.

You will leave this workshop with;

  • A tool to release the best work out of people.
  • The ability to increase effectiveness of the people leading your Digital (Social) and Traditional Marketing processes.
  • A metric that objectively measures employee and your own capacity to complete great work.
  • Direct applications of the content to your Marketing Management.


Above is content and slides from a talk I gave at a Conference in Syracuse, NY. Whether the person is leading your digital marketing, traditional marketing or managing ANYTHING they must have the necessary ability to handle complexity and pull together the disparate parts to achieve the goal. Contact Mike to have this talk or workshop given to your team. 

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