Applying for Social Security Benefits

socialsecurity1Social security benefits in the U.S. are a part of a payroll deduction program. The applicant for these social insurance benefits needs to work for at least ten years. This ten-year requirement applies to an applicant or a spouse.

This type of government program needs certain documents for identification. A Social Security law firm can aid in filing this type of government benefits claim. The types of identifying documents include an applicant’s birth certificate, the person’s social security card, and a proof of U.S. citizenship. These documents will need to be the original ones. A W-2 is needed for an applicant who has been employed by a company or corporation. A self-employed applicant will need a last year’s tax return as proof of employment.

Divorce records may be needed. An applicant who has been married for ten years and then divorced may elect to use the benefits of this previous spouse in order to determine the amount of the benefits received. Proof of the marriage and of the divorce will be needed.

The age of retirement may be selected from several options. The various ages include 62, 65, and 70. Each of these retirement milestones has a certain amount that can be received through the U.S. government social insurance program. An earlier retirement benefit collection will have a smaller amount that is received at 62. There are other ages that can be selected as the person’s age of retirement.

Filing for Social Security benefits does not mean that the applicant in unable to work. The person can receive social insurance payments and work at the same time up to a certain income amount. The insurance payments may be reduced after a certain amount is earned. After attaining full retirement age, the applicant may work as much as they wish without losing any benefit payments. Working after full retirement may increase the amount of Social Security income received.

An applicant may work as long as they wish before they apply for Social Security benefits. The greater number of working years increases the amount of income that is used to determine the amount of insurance benefits. The older age of retirement will increase the amount of retirement benefits as well.

A Social Security law firm is able to navigate these varied application requirements. There are certain rules that apply for divorced applicants. The age of retirement is important, and this age will determine the amount of the benefit check that is received. Working when past a full retirement age for social insurance does not affect the amount of benefits.

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