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I saw a number of great application updates this week that I wanted to call your attention to, you may find them valuable.

Gist for Android

I wrote about Gist several months, considering it a good example of personal social CRM.  I still feel that way as the product continues to evolve and continues to simply get better.  Gist released their Android application this week and gave me even more reason to recommend the product for you to use.  Some of my favorite points include:

  • All of my connections, and all of their social media activities, are available to me all the time.  My phone is never far away and now Gist is always with me as well.
  • As with the full product all companies and people who I am interacting with are available in the Gist CRM application.
  • It is easy to filter the amount of social activity by channel type (I generally ignore twitter in Gist due to the volume) and the importance of the connection.
  • While you can easily Share, using the built-in Android sharing capabilities Gist does include, by default, extraneous marketing text with the Share ability, explaining to your connections that you found this information using Gist.  Please give me a way to turn this off. :-)
  • The ability to capture notes is missing from the Android application (at least I have not found it) and this is a big gap that I am hoping Gist addresses in one of the next updates.

Overall I like the application and would encourage any Android user to download the application and begin using Gist.  Understand, however, that it is a V1 application and more work is needed.  However, Gist has demonstrated an ability to rapidly iterate, expect the same on the mobile front.

Tweetdeck Version 0.34.2

Support for Google Buzz and Foursquare, need I say more?  As you know, I share a lot of information via Twitter but I also attempt to share it on Stumbleupon and Google Buzz as well.  The ability to simultaneous share updates across Twitter and Google Buzz is a personal time saver.

While not new in this release, I wanted to point out the translate feature which I use frequently.  I follow many people who tweet in languages other than American English.  The translate capability works well enough to understand their message and that, combined with the Google translate feature allows me to learn from anyone, anywhere in the world.  Are you taking advantage of this yet?

Note that I also took a look at Twitalyzer’s 3.0 Beta product and I will have a more detailed update coming on that soon.


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