Apple Is Real Life Dharma Initiative

Can’t wait for the new season of LOST to start on Feb 2nd but wait a minute, this is not about Dharma initiative from TV series LOST. It is about the real life Dharma initiative, a.k.a Apple.

In the last decade or so we have seen Apple become more and more secretive about almost everything it does. One recent example would be the iPad. So many rumors, a lot of hype and in the end, besides the name, everything was true.

That is exactly what the Dharma initiative is. Speculations and rumors and in the end, all true. In LOST, Ben like Steve Jobs never confesses anything until the right time. Things are same with Apple.

So who are the survivors of Oceanic flight 815?

We, the bloggers.

We find something, we ask a question and we hunt for answers until we get the real thing. After that we say “all this for something that wasn’t worth it.” We help create Apple massive amount of buzz before it even releases anything of substance or acknowledges the existence of something. This has worked very well for Apple, I don’t see a reason why they (Apple) should not continue doing it…

Where are the secret hatches?

The new secret hatch that no one knows about and Apple won’t acknowledge was recently approved by Palo Alto’s architectural review board. It will be Apple’s new retail store that will be 20 foot all glass design, so much for transparency.

Do you agree with me? Do you see any other resemblances between Dharma and Apple?

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