Apple iOS, Android account for 10%+ of retail web visits

Some interesting statistics from the US:  According to IBM Android and iPhones / iPad users account for 10%+ of retail web visits.   By the end of this month, 15% of Americans should be logging onto retail websites via a mobile device.

Really there are three elements to this story that stand out

1 – It confirms the on-going trend of mobile devices being used more and more for everyday web tasks.   By 2014 / 2015 mobile Internet users should in fact surpass desktop users, hence Google’s latest project to help businesses go mobile

2 – As Tim Worstall writes in Forbes, when it comes to the Mobile Internet, Apple’s iOS and Android are the two major players.  “The other market players, RIM, Nokia’s Symbian, various forms of Microsoft’s Windows…just don’t seem to be popular enough to be making a dent in the numbers.”  

Though these are US stats, where Symbian never had as much market share as Europe, I do think the Android + iOS argument holds true over here (UK).

Putting the Android / iOS numbers debate into perspective

3 – These figures also provide a bit more context to the whole iPhone / Android market share debate.

Yes, more Android phones are sold than iPhones.    But the IBM stats show that iPhone users are more active online via their devices than Android users, accounting for 4% of traffic vs 3.5% for Android.

Given the size of the Android market, that means iPhone users are more active online both in absolute and relative terms.  iPad users are more active still, accounting for another 3.5% of visits and demonstrating a higher visit to purchase conversion rate.

Indeed, both Forbes and reghardware talk about ‘idevices’, as opposed to iPhones.   And a point that often gets lost in the whole Android and iOS debate is that Apple’s mobile operating system extends to three different devices.  It also includes iPads and – crucially – iPod Touches, which often get forgotten about.

The IBM study didn’t include iPod Touch users, but back in April Apple revealed that they accounted for a third of Apple’s handheld universe.

As a result, they will make up a large proportion of the 250 million iOS devices CEO Tim Cook talked about last month, when mentioning that iOS as a whole is still the no.1 mobile operating system worldwide at a 43% market share (compared to Android at 33%).


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