Apologies, Both Past and Future For Not Posting

Posts have been exceedingly light recently as I have been both getting ready for vacation (which of course means posts will be non-existent until my return) and have spent the last several days preparing for and testifying yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee against overturning the Gross v. FBL Services decision of the Supreme Court this summer which nixed the mixed motive instruction for ADEA cases.

The future of mandatory arbitration was also a subject and frankly got a lot more attention than Gross. Senator Franken, one of the members of the Committee has taken that on as a major issue and that took up a lot of the hearing. For any who have an interest in seeing the hearing, there is a link to the webcast on the Committee’s website.

More normal posting will hopefull arise following when I return and dig out from 2 weeks plus of accumulated email!

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