Apathy and arrogance in the workplace, a great combination؟

My wife and I were discussing apathy in the workplace as she is experiencing a fair amount of it from co-workers.  She works in a school setting where budget cuts, years without contracts and pay raises, lack of supplies, etc.., have left people burned out and apathetic about far too many aspects of their jobs.

As I asked my twitter community about this situation, one of my friends relayed this “Just had the bigwig come talk to us & basically say keep working hard so my bonus goes up and eventually we will lift the pay freeze”….  Arrogance, when combined with apathy and frustration is a miserable combination.

If you have a job, leave the apathy behind. There are plenty of people who do not have a job and would gladly step into your “miserable” situation.  Bring your A-game everyday and let’s get something done.

This ends our weekly inspirational speech, paid for by the National Committee for Change.  While I just made that up, sounds impressive, eh?


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