Another stat that shows how social media is getting older

Royal Pingdom, the people who the other month produced a chart showing how social media is female dominated, has released another study.   This time they looked at the age distribution across social network sites in the US. (Via Matthew Gain)

In line with other studies over the past eighteen months, it shows that social media is the preserve of Web users aged 25+ with 62% being aged 25-54 and only 9% being 18-24.    In terms of age distribution across the various sites, it’s perhaps no surprise that LinkedIn had a reasonably older profile at one end of the scale and Bebo (a brand you don’t hear people talking about a lot anymore) had 40%+ of its audience aged under 17.

Royal Pingdom lists Twitter’s average age as 39, and as always for every stat it’s possible to produce another one that can give you a slightly different interpretation.   So the other week Silicon Alley Insider produced this chart from Comscore showing that the under 24s now account for 30% of Twitter users, up from 20% at the end of 2008.

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