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Last week in Zurich, I was on stage opening the first Swiss eLearning Conference when the screen on my Mac Air turned turned to gibberish. I delivered my presentation by looking at the big screen. The audience was kind, laughing along with me at yet another failure of technology. (Vielen dank!)

These days, a lot of conferences and corporations are calling me in to deliver presentations about mashing up informal learning and web 2.0. People prefer original thinking to copycats. I need a reliable computer to back me up.

Today I handed my credit card to an Apple store employee and walked out ten minutes later with a new MacBook Pro.

How can I say this? I LOVE IT!

To me, setting up a new computer is like opening a new chapter in my life. It’s the feeling I used to get when writing the first page of a new journal, although more intense.

The machine itself is a work of art. It’s amazing what $1,500 buys these days! Sleek, nimble. beautiful, fast. Something like this deserves a name of its own. Given its beauty and zen appearance, I’m naming it Rothko.

Since I do most of my work in the cloud, set-up was painless. A few minutes.

Now I’m dreaming up ways to organize Rothko to support my goals and make my life fun. More signal, less noise. Great filters. Tapping the flow. Bonding with people who matter. Now it all starts with Rothko.

Did I mention that this turns me on? If I led a group of innovators, I’d give them new hardware at least once a year.

Am I just a nerd or do some of you regular citizens get the same thrill from a new machine?

Here’s Rothko’s opening screen:


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