Another Help Wanted Scam

Received this gem in the mail this evening:


We wanted to contact you at the careers site, but unfortunately didn’t receive answer from you. Our company has 3 vacancies at the present for parttime job, every of which guaranties you a good profits. If you are still jobless or have some free hours a day to earn, let me know your Phone number, Contact details and the most comfortable time to speak to you. Our HR-team representative will reply to you with detailed information within 48 hours.

You’re in no doubt to be interested in any of the offers!

Please send a copy of your CV or a laconic resume at: [email protected] please note, that we use free mail service to be sure of the delivery of your request.

Please do not respond to this automated mailer but send your CV straightly to our specialist at e-mail shown, stay in touch until you are satisfied with your current employment status. Please make sure you check your bulk folder.
Have a good day!
HR Team, A&S Int

Lawdy, Lawdy – will these phishing douchebags never cease in their attempts to con people into believing this drivel is real?

First these idiots try and sell me ED meds now jobs. Next thing you know they’ll have people convinced they can become millionaires by helping bankers in Nigeria dispense with funds left behind when members of some royal family die.

No wait – they already do this. Caveat emptor…

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