Another Call for Guest Bloggers

As most of you who follow this blog or any of my updates on Twitter and Facebook, you’ve probably long realized I’ve gone off the deep end into Mommyland and I’ve become an annoying new Mommy looking for any excuse to post pictures her bundle of joy.

While I haven’t seemed to be able to completely disconnect, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to spend as much time as I can with baby Julia Mai until January-ish. It leaves me with very little time to write.

Over the past two months I’ve enlisted the help of some awesome guest bloggers to contribute to the blog.  A huge thanks to Alison Kenney, Gerry Corbett, Jonathan Rick, Kelli Matthews, Ken Jacobs, Jacob Share, Linda Beltran, Rob Manfredo, George Nikanorav, Rachel Esterline, and Chris Perry for their hard work and contributions so far. You can find all guest contributions here.

I’ll be continuing to work with guest bloggers for the next couple months, so I’m inviting anybody who is interested to submit a post.

Main criteria for a post:

  1. The post must follow the theme of this blog: job search and employment, recruiting (written for hiring managers and/or candidates), social media, or anything about the public relations industry.
  2. Original content and not previously posted on another blog.
  3. Provide links and any images you want to go along with the post with appropriate attribution.
  4. A short (two- to three-sentence bio).

If you want to make sure I’ll post your idea, feel free to email me about it.

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