Android to Add Next 500M Mobile Web Users in India? (via GigaOM)

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I continue to push the point that the Android phone will easily defeat the iPhone, in terms of overall market share, within the next 9 – 12 months.  Adding a half billion people in India would definitely go a long way, wouldn’t it, towards making this a reality.  Even if the iPhone comes to Verizon I think it’s a matter of too little too late.  What do you think?

Android to Add Next 500M Mobile Web Users in India? New, private 3G networks in India combined with mobile adoption and Google’s (s goog) march towards powering inexpensive smartphones in the Asia-Pacific region could bring half a billion more people to the mobile web in India by 2014. Handset makers new to the smartphone market are gearing up to soon offer Android devices for $150 to Indian consumers, with hopes of future phones priced below $100, says the Wall Street Journal. If these efforts ar … Read More

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