And the world turns

I took a brief break from blogging. The other part of my life is exceptionally busy and I just haven’t made the time to update the HR world. While I was on break, other HR peeps were busy making it happen – here are a few of the groovy HR happens going on.

CUPA HR is revving up in Vegas baby. Sorry I can’t be there but CUPA always does it right for the higher ed peeps. You can follow them on Twitter, too.

The super-coolest people are coming together for the HRevolution. Looking so hip, so fun and so un-conference. How much fun. Will miss them. 🙁

While late to the party, Jon Ingham hosted a magnificent HR Carnival over at Strategic HCM. The next host is one of the best writers in the business, Sharlyn Lauby. Stay tuned.

I am working on a presentation for 800 MBA students on using technology to help in the job search. What fun to be able to use what I love to help. More on this as it approaches!

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