An ode to Google Reader

When I was recently locked out of my Google Account (because I had 2-step verification and the phone wasn’t available) I didn’t miss Gmail much. I could still see the emails on my phone. The two Google services I realised I missed the most were Blogger and Reader.

When people ask me how I have blogged close to 2900 posts over 10 years, I tell them a big part for that is I consume a lot of content too. And since 2006 (after the Bloglines era) Google Reader has become my default way to consume content from a myriad of sources.

And now Google is shutting down Reader from 1st July.

I guess the writing was on the wall. After they shut down AdWords for Feeds. Google is a business enterprise and has to think about monetization vs resources.

So, thank you whoever worked on the Google Reader team. Before the days of Twitter and Facebook you gave us a way to keep up with our favorite sources of content on the web.

And I’ll still use Reader till 30th June.

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