An Exclusive Human Resource Director’s Network in a time of Austerity

Our sponsor at HubCap, Human Potential Accounting, is launching a UK based peer-to-peer network for Human Resource Directors. With a twist. Actually several.

For a start, for most networks these days it’s about volume. This is the opposite. You have to be a bona fide top table HR Director to join, and only one person can represent your industry or sector. This ensures the highest quality of participants feel free to talk openly about what’s happening to them.

Second, location, location, location. This is a members-run thing. They take turn to host the events at their offices. Yes, no plush restaurants.

Third, there are no sponsors. No fees. Members decide the subjects for debate to keep the agenda geared around what matters to them now, with no vested interests getting in the way. This is not a talking shop.

Lastly, and this is the coolest part for me, the Human Capital Handbook series is being opened up so that they are free to publish how they are resolving strategic HR challenges for the benefit of the next generation.

For more info, check out the HPA website

But remember, this is UK only (for now), one HRD per sector, and many places have already been taken.

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