Amazon Managers Should Manage More, Take Attendance Less Inc. has gotten serious about its return-to-office policy, according to Business Insider, encouraging managers to confront and even fire employees who don’t come in at least three days every week.

This puts middle managers at Amazon, long known for its “churn and burn” approach to managing its workforce, in an impossible position. Sack people who aren’t coming in — but who might be doing a very good job from home and could be difficult to replace — or risk their own futures if they don’t boost attendance rates.

Anyone underperforming at home and blissfully unaware of it is probably in the minority, the experts said. And what’s more, simply bringing them back to the office won’t fix what ails them. “Underperformance does not get handled just because a manager is looking at you,” says Liz Kislik, a management consultant and executive coach.

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