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Planning the launch of a new career

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It’s 4:30 am on Wednesday November 20th, and I’m awake thinking about how one goes about launching a new career.  I’m not unemployed or anything, I’m justgoing through the steps of working up a business plan for launching a new career direction.

Naturally, I start this project the same way I start every really important project in my life.  I pray at the altar of Google.

Oh Google, please help me find my way! Google, send me a sign (some hyperlinks) to guide me on my path.

Input: “launching a new career”

My efforts are rewarded! Google comes through with some advice.

Here’s some of what the Goog links suggest:

  • To make a dramatic career change, it’s important to have a clear direction.
  • Knowing what you want to do is half the battle. Now you need to find out what it takes to get hired. Your goal is to make yourself as smart as possible on this industry. Read:

    • blogs

    • career sites

    • books on this industry

    • forums and Twitter feeds with people working in this field

  • If you’re not in a position to simply up and leave your job to start over, there are other options. Consider how you do could work that interests you, and build your resume, while maintaining your current position:
    • Volunteer
    • Get a part-time job in your field(s) of interest
    • Pick up a freelance job or two
    • Use your vacation time to explore other industries or career field
    • Take college courses or vocational courses to expand your knowledge and skills
  • True career-jumpers believe the only reliable way to “own” your skill sets involves meticulous preparation. “It is like a road map for a trip,” says Lisa Caldas Kappesser, president of EQ Coaching Solutions and author of The Smart New way to Get Hired: Use Emotional Intelligence to Land the Right Job. “Having a plan reduces the risks involved and decreases anxiety.”

You can read the complete advice for the top articles provided by my Google search by clicking through the links above.

Here’s what I’ve done so far (today) on a personal basis:

  1. Woke up at 4 AM in a cold sweat after having a nightmare about not having a steady paycheck.
  2. Went to my local RaceTrac gas station (A top employer award winner of 2013) and picked some coffee and two donuts.
  3. Fired up an on demand episode of  “Luther” circa season 2013.
  4. Started doing research on the topic of launching a new career with the intent of developing a solid business plan document before going to work this morning.
  5. Got bored and decided to write this blog post instead of doing something serious and meaningful.

Luther just let his top suspect get away via the London tube, but I digress from my procrastinating.

Would anyone like this second donut? I’m outta here.


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