Altimeter on the 6 stages of #socbiz evolution

Altimeter Group, which regularly brings out reports on how large organizations surveyed about 700 people working in social media within large firms (not agencies) and this is what they found.

The main points:

  1. Only 34% of businesses felt that their social strategy was connected to business outcomes
  2. half of all executives are not informed, engaged, or aligned with their company’s social media strategies

Most social media efforts are either led by Marketing or the PR/CorpComm groups.

But as this graphic shows, one Full Time Employee is also working on social media in other groups – take a look at the percentage of companies in which a person in HR is also looking full time after social media – 20% of companies that have Marketing leading social report that while 34% of companies that have PR/CorpComm leading social have at least a full time employee in HR focusing on social.

And this is how an organization grows as it matures in social.

And the budgets they have for external and internal social

You can download the full report from here 

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