All Leaders Need A Waiting Room

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.–Peter Drucker

As leaders in an organization, we are charged with the responsibility of creating environments in which our employees are nurtured and energized, our businesses innovate and flourish, our customers are engaged partners and the relationship with our consumers/clients/stakeholders is built on a foundation of mutual trust, fairness and respect.

This is quite a complex assignment in a global economy that measures time in internet seconds, conceives of the past as the most reliable tool for analyzing and assessing how to proceed into the future, is increasingly interdependent and relational, and dedicates little or no time toward the development of presence in its leaders.

Presence is a dynamic and fluid sense of being fully present in body and mind, heart and soul and knowing it.  Being present is being mindful. This combination of taking time for reflection in order to be mindful,  is  very powerful  for sustaining a positive leadership presence.

Creating your own personal space (a waiting room) to practice mindfulness and presence enables you to better direct and sustain your attention, become less reactive,“catch” emerging insights and innovative ideas, deliberately stopping – often in the midst of fast-paced, highly charged business situations – and ask yourself the question, “What is called for now?” rather than falling back on habitual patterns and habits.

Create your waiting room! Find a place you can go to in order to think and reflect before you act in order to behave in ways that will strengthen your relations, build trust and engagement. If you find yourself in a situation that needs your mindfulness and reflection–you can pause, ask for a minute, quiet yourself and reach inside for you wisdom to fuel your reactions.  This works every time!

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